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IT Support & Managed Services

Circuit Saviors is based in Modesto and provides comprehensive IT Support and Managed Services for businesses of all sizes. We provide a wide range of services including computer repair, network management, and computer maintenance. Since 2011 we’ve made it our goal to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. We believe in a personal approach to fixing your computer: you will always be told in plain English what is being done when it is being done.

With Circuit Saviors as your Managed Service Provider, your business is proactively protected and updated. With monitoring tools, a help desk, and high priority in the service queue, your needs are addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently.


Security First

At Circuit Saviors, your security is top of mind. IT security is just as important as physical. Click to learn why, and how we can keep you secure.

Network Management

Your network runs your business. By actively monitoring and maintaining your network, Circuit Saviors ensures that your network is running for you.

Managed IT Services

With Managed IT Services, Circuit Saviors is your IT Department. We monitor and manage your devices eliminating issues before you see them, and when you need help, you know exactly who to call.