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With Windows 7 support coming to an end soon, we have partnered up with Dell to provide you with some discounts on a new computer. This is open to all residential and business clients. Before you fill out the form below and commit to buying a computer, please read all information below. Once you submit your form you are committing to purchase a computer if the minimum buy threshold is met.

How does it work?

We have put together 6 options for you to choose from. You may choose any item you wish with no minimum or maximum. As long as among all clients we sell at least 5 of that device, the price is guaranteed. If more are sold, the price goes down. Ultimately, we hope to see great discounts for you to help transition away from your older computer. Once the buying period ends, we will let you know the final price of what you bought. This is our first time doing this, so bear with us as we go through the process.


Q: When will I get my computer?

A: We will be closing out the order window on 8/31/2019. Once that happens, we will reach out to everyone that requested ordering and confirm information, then put in the order to Dell. We anticipate you’ll receive your computer within 2 weeks of that closing period, but that will also depend on if you need us to help install it, and other potential unforeseen variables. This is our first time, so we are adding buffer time to ensure we set expectations accordingly. There is an intel processor shortage going on right now. This may delay the fulfillment by a little bit but hopefully not long. We will keep you updated on any delays and projected delivery estimates.

Q: When will I get billed?

A: We will start collecting payment on machines once we close out the order period. Since we won’t know the final sale price of the units until we get everyone’s order, we have to wait until then. You must pay before we put in the order. If we cannot process payment for you within a few days of closing, your order will be automatically cancelled.

Q: What is the difference in each version? Which one should I buy?

A: The main difference in most models is the processor. This is essentially the brain of the computer. Core i3 is the slowest, and Core i7 is the fastest. We recommend core i3 for general workstation tasks such as email, document editing, and web browsing. If that is most of what you will do, this is the right option for you. Core i5 is faster, and great if you are running many tasks at the same time, and a dedication application for your business. Core i7 is the fastest and perfect for power users that do a lot at one time and need the computer to be as fast as possible. In the laptops the highest end also has more ram which is better for multi-tasking, and a bigger solid state drive for more storage. Those options are easy to upgrade in a desktop, but not as easy to upgrade in a laptop, so keep that in mind when making your choices.

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