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Garrett Snelling

Garrett Snelling

Owner and Operator

Garrett has been repairing computers professionally for over 3 years, but has been fixing computers and learning about them for much longer. He has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems, and is very well equipped to handle your problem, as well as teach you something while he is doing it.

Circuit Saviors is a computer maintenance and repair service. We bring our great service to you by making house calls to fix your problems where you are. No more unhooking your computer and taking it into the shop! Do you have a virus, a computer that won’t boot, or a computer that is slow? We repair all of these problems and more. Call today for a free quote. We service and repair computers in the Modesto Area. We are committed to optimizing every computer we touch; ensuring your experience with your computer is the best it can be.

Good computer maintenance and servicing is essential to keeping your computer running fast. Over time, computers gather registry errors and junk files which decrease its performance. This is why a brand new computer may seem slow after only months of normal use.  Viruses, and other forms of malware can be huge culprits to a slowing computer.  Circuit Saviors offers monthly maintenance to maximize your computer’s performance.

With a monthly visit from one of our capable technicians, your computer will have the latest versions of all software, patched security vulnerabilities, a  registry clean of errors, junk files slowing Windows down, and an optimized file and registry structure to boost your computer’s speed.

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